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 「Understanding the Linux Kernel」のようなOSについて解説した本は、デバイスドライバの有名な例外という1つの話題よりむしろ、カーネル全体についてカバーしがちである。これらの本、特に「Understanding the Linux Kernel」では、カーネル内部への非常に貴重な見識を提供するが、一般的に関心のないVM特有の詳細は失われている。例えば、この本ではなぜZONE_NORMALは正確に896MiBか、そして正確にどのように各CPU毎のキャッシュが実装されているかを詳細に述べている。VMについての他の視点として、一般的なカーネルの関心のないブートメモリアロケータや仮想メモリファイルシステムもまたこの本ではカバーされている。



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 The books that describe the operating system such as Understanding the Linux
Kernel [BC00] [BC03], tend to cover the entire kernel rather than one topic with the
notable exception of device drivers [RC01]. These books, particularly Understanding the Linux Kernel, provide invaluable insight into kernel internals but they miss the
details which are specic to the VM and not of general interest. For example, it
is detailed in this book why ZONE_NORMAL is exactly 896MiB and exactly how per-
cpu caches are implemented. Other aspects of the VM, such as the boot memory
allocator and the virtual memory lesystem which are not of general kernel interest
are also covered by this book.

 Increasingly, to get a comprehensive view on how the kernel functions, one is
required to read through the source code line by line. This book tackles the VM
specically so that this investment of time to understand it will be measured in
weeks and not months. The details which are missed by the main part of the book
will be caught by the code commentary.

 In this chapter, there will be in informal introduction to the basics of acquiring
information on an open source project and some methods for managing, browsing
and comprehending the code. If you do not intend to be reading the actual source,
you may skip to Chapter 2.

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うーん、「a comprehensive view on how the kernel functions」とかどうやって訳せばいいんだろう。「how + 名詞」の用法が調べても出てこない。あとこの文脈で「functions」は機能なのか関数なのかがまず判ってないけど・・・。